A Message from the founder- Nerissa J. Persaud

Hi there! I'm Nerissa Persaud, and I've spent nearly 20 years working with leaders and companies, focusing on how organisations speak, think and operate in order to identify where gaps might exist, why they exist and how it affects the way we handle stress, manage things, lead teams and respond to situations around us. Through my research, I've found that user experience is a key element in effective learning and transformation. Yet it is often the space that is often neglected. Corporate Learning Concierge is changing this and bridging the gap to make Corporate Learning a lived experience. By combining human connection and artificial intelligence, we simplify problems, prioritise user experience, create support systems for deep thinking, and convert ideas into tangible results. Join me on this groundbreaking mission to shape a future where corporate learning is fun! Let's make a difference together.
A message from the founder

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